Executive skills development2022-01-20T14:54:28+11:00

In partnership with corporate management specialists, Annells Consulting, we are offering a high-level course in executive training conducted by some of Tasmania’s highest achievers in business and the bureaucracy.

The course will cover vital areas of executive +responsibility, including:

  • Managing a government enterprise;
  • Meeting the expectations of a Board of Directors;
  • Good governance;
  • Building key relationships in both business and the bureaucracy;
  • People Management and corporate culture
  • Brand development and maintenance.

Please enquire to learn more. 

Dealing with government2022-01-20T14:54:42+11:00

Dealing with governments can be critical to the success of your business in all sorts of ways. However, the challenges of successfully navigating the nuances of government – whether at federal, state or local level – can be complex as well as frustrating to those who don’t have a good understanding of how government works. 

Our training program is designed to teach you the basics of dealing with government at all levels. Most of all, it will teach you how to achieve the right outcome by understanding how the decision-making process works, including who to reach and with what information. 

Government decision-making normally involves a lot of people other than politicians themselves – mostly personal advisers and public servants, who have the important task of advising government. Their influence is critical, yet they are often overlooked.  In most cases, all three – politicians, personal advisers and public servants – are central to the decision-making process.  And sometimes, they can be at odds with each other.

We teach you how to approach the challenge of dealing with government and provide you with insider knowledge, as well as strategies and tactics, to achieve your required result.

Crisis and issues management training2022-01-20T14:55:09+11:00

Good decision making in a crisis is critical. That’s because poor decision making can destroy careers and cause irreparable damage to a business. 

We teach you the four rules of effective crisis management which, if followed, will minimise the impact on you and your business. 

We also conduct simulated crisis training exercises to ‘pressure test’ your preparedness for a crisis and to ensure you develop the skills you need should the worst ever happen. Such exercises help fine tune responsibilities and actions, as well as test the capacity of people to work effectively under extreme pressure. It’s too late to learn such lessons when the real thing strikes.

Presentation training2022-01-20T14:55:24+11:00

The ability to speak with confidence and clarity to a group of people – irrespective of who they are – and to capture and hold their attention is a priceless life-skill that can set you apart from the crowd.

And if you aspire to climb the management ladder or build a powerful public profile, the ability to effectively engage an audience is an essential career skill.  Just how effective you can become at engaging with people and holding their interest may well determine how successful you are in your career.  

There are some essential requirements to becoming a good presenter – none of which is difficult to achieve. However, those requirements do demand a degree of clear thinking, hard work, self-belief and enthusiasm for the task – these also happen to be the foundation stones to a successful career. 

Our Presentation Skills Training Course will provide the skill set and the empowerment you need to become a first-class presenter.

Stakeholder and community engagement training2022-01-20T14:55:38+11:00

In today’s business environment engaging effectively with the community and key stakeholders can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Unfortunately, too many businesses seem to consider stakeholder engagement as simply giving the appearance of meaningful consultation in order to achieve a pre-determined objective. Sadly, there are any number of examples where this has resulted in otherwise good companies being rightfully accused of secrecy and for taking community approval for granted. 

Whenever enterprise has a noticeable impact on community life – visually, environmentally, socially or economically – stakeholder engagement becomes a necessary part of doing business. But its not all bad. In fact, it can be, and should be, very valuable. It may even teach you things you didn’t expect.

However, there is no escaping the fact that effective community and stakeholder engagement is inevitably linked to business success.

We have years of experience to share with you – experience gathered from working with resource companies, rural and aquaculture enterprises, urban and city developers, health care services and pharmaceutical companies, vehicle manufacturers and major sporting clubs, just to name a few.

And don’t overlook your employees, customers and suppliers as key stakeholders. We can teach you methods to better meet their expectations as well.

Media and social media training 2022-01-20T14:55:53+11:00

Competency and understanding in media relations is an important skill for any senior executive. In a Chief Executive, it is essential. Today’s media is a complex beast and social media has certainly introduced a staggeringly influential dimension to the communication of news, views, ideas, opinions and prejudices.

Timmins Ray’s Traditional Media and Social Media Training Programs are a sensible blend of theoretical and practical components and are always interactive and fun. The courses, which can be both full day or half day will equip participants with a thorough understanding of how the media works, confidence in dealing with media and a comprehensive view of your organisation’s media relations moving forward.

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