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Government decisions can have a profound impact – good and bad – on the way you do business. They may have intentional or unintentional consequences. They may be the result of poor policy development or the influence of special interests groups. Either way, they are decisions you must deal with – and probably live with – for better or worse. It is vital you have your say as part of the decision-making process. Timmins Ray has been specialising in federal, state and local government relations for three decades. We have delivered positive outcomes for clients ranging from some of the nation’s biggest companies to smaller, but no less successful, family-based enterprises. We understand government and politics. We know who to get to and how to win their attention.

Crisis & Issues Management2017-11-30T15:00:52+11:00

Any organisation’s reputation can be damaged or destroyed at any time by a crisis it didn’t see coming and for which it was unprepared. Crises can take many forms, from sexual harassment and embezzlement to product contamination and customer injury. And with the advent of social media, a crisis can trash an organisation’s reputation and brand within hours, even minutes. Timmins Ray can provide immediate help to successfully manage a crisis. We can also work with you to identify, assess and categorise your organisation’s potential vulnerabilities to crisis and develop a strategy and response manual to ensure the calm and effective management of any situation that threatens to damage your organisation’s reputation and brand. It’s a living and sustainable insurance policy with a very affordable one-off cost.

Strategic Communication2017-11-30T13:42:22+11:00

Every organisation, whether in the commercial or the public sector, should have a Strategic Communication Plan as an adjunct to its Business Plan. And just like a Business Plan, it should set out specific outcomes, or KPIs, as well as provide the strategies for achieving them. Developing a Strategic Communication Plan that delivers measurable outcomes takes genuine know how and experience. That’s what Timmins Ray offers.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement2017-11-30T12:00:51+11:00

Key stakeholders are the lifeblood of any organisation. They are your raison d’etre and include all those who are critical to your continued success – shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, policy makers, regulators, media, etc.

Timmins Ray has developed a range of proprietary products to independently assess and benchmark those vital relationships and to deliver options for enhancing your stakeholder relations. They include independent Stakeholder Audits as well as Stakeholder Mapping. Our clients use our methods as part of a continual, business improvement program. By delivering independent feedback from stakeholders, Timmins Ray can work with you to make the changes and adjustments needed to improve the way you do business.

Stakeholder Auditing2017-11-30T11:29:45+11:00

Key stakeholders are the lifeblood of any organisation. We often ask clients, “how well do you know and understand your stakeholders and what they really think of your organisation— their expectations, hopes, concerns and perceptions?” By delivering independent feedback from stakeholders, Timmins Ray can work with you to make the changes and adjustments needed to improve the way you do business.

Media and Publicity 2017-11-30T10:30:53+11:00

Developing a working relationship with the media is not just about securing good publicity, although that is an obvious goal. It is important to establish relationships with the media based on a healthy degree of mutual respect. That will take time. And it means dealing with reporters fairly and truthfully, irrespective of the circumstances. You may be surprised at the extent to which this respect is reciprocated.

Social media has now reduced the 24-hour news cycle to a matter of minutes and has expanded the pool of potential reporters and critics to a large chunk of the community – every person with a mobile phone is a citizen journalist and they are savvier about what makes headlines than ever before. Such a high level of scrutiny, and the speed with which it can be disseminated across social media can have a devastating impact. Timmins Ray provides specialised monitoring of social media as well as response mechanisms to counter unfounded attacks.

We can prepare tailored social media policies for your employees and digital media strategies to ensure your online efforts are relevant and effective in meeting the overall strategic objectives of your organisation.

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