Developing a working relationship with the media is not just about securing good publicity, although that is an obvious goal. It is important to establish relationships with the media based on a healthy degree of mutual respect. That will take time. And it means dealing with reporters fairly and truthfully, irrespective of the circumstances. You may be surprised at the extent to which this respect is reciprocated.

Social media has now reduced the 24-hour news cycle to a matter of minutes and has expanded the pool of potential reporters and critics to a large chunk of the community – every person with a mobile phone is a citizen journalist and they are savvier about what makes headlines than ever before. Such a high level of scrutiny, and the speed with which it can be disseminated across social media can have a devastating impact. Timmins Ray provides specialised monitoring of social media as well as response mechanisms to counter unfounded attacks.

We can prepare tailored social media policies for your employees and digital media strategies to ensure your online efforts are relevant and effective in meeting the overall strategic objectives of your organisation.