Executive skills development

In partnership with corporate management specialists, Annells Consulting, we are offering a high-level course in executive training conducted by some of Tasmania’s highest achievers in business and the bureaucracy. The course will cover vital areas of executive +responsibility, including: Managing a government enterprise; Meeting the expectations of a Board of Directors; Good governance; Building key [...]


Dealing with government

Dealing with governments can be critical to the success of your business in all sorts of ways. However, the challenges of successfully navigating the nuances of government – whether at federal, state or local level – can be complex as well as frustrating to those who don’t have a good understanding of how government works.  Our [...]


Crisis and issues management training

Good decision making in a crisis is critical. That’s because poor decision making can destroy careers and cause irreparable damage to a business.  We teach you the four rules of effective crisis management which, if followed, will minimise the impact on you and your business.  We also conduct simulated crisis training exercises to ‘pressure test’ [...]


Presentation training

The ability to speak with confidence and clarity to a group of people – irrespective of who they are – and to capture and hold their attention is a priceless life-skill that can set you apart from the crowd. And if you aspire to climb the management ladder or build a powerful public profile, the [...]


Stakeholder and community engagement training

In today’s business environment engaging effectively with the community and key stakeholders can mean the difference between success and failure.  Unfortunately, too many businesses seem to consider stakeholder engagement as simply giving the appearance of meaningful consultation in order to achieve a pre-determined objective. Sadly, there are any number of examples where this has resulted [...]


Media and social media training 

Competency and understanding in media relations is an important skill for any senior executive. In a Chief Executive, it is essential. Today’s media is a complex beast and social media has certainly introduced a staggeringly influential dimension to the communication of news, views, ideas, opinions and prejudices. Timmins Ray’s Traditional Media and Social Media Training [...]


Government relations

Government decisions can have a profound impact – good and bad – on the way you do business. They may have intentional or unintentional consequences. They may be the result of poor policy development or the influence of special interests groups. Either way, they are decisions you must deal with – and probably live with – [...]


Crisis and issues management

Any organisation’s reputation can be damaged or destroyed at any time by a crisis it didn’t see coming and for which it was unprepared. Crises can take many forms, from sexual harassment and embezzlement to product contamination and customer injury. And with the advent of social media, a crisis can trash an organisation’s reputation and [...]


Strategic communication

Every organisation, whether in the commercial or the public sector, should have a Strategic Communication Plan as an adjunct to its Business Plan. And just like a Business Plan, it should set out specific outcomes, or KPIs, as well as provide the strategies for achieving them. Developing a Strategic Communication Plan that delivers measurable outcomes takes [...]


Stakeholder and community engagement

Key stakeholders are the lifeblood of any organisation. They are your raison d’etre and include all those who are critical to your continued success – shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, policy makers, regulators, media, etc. Timmins Ray has developed a range of proprietary products to independently assess and benchmark those vital relationships and to deliver options [...]

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