Specialists in Public Relations and Strategic Counsel

Over three decades working at the top end of the public relations profession in Australia and overseas, Tasmania’s largest family-owned public relations agency, Timmins Ray, has accumulated an unmatched level of understanding and expertise in public relations and strategic counsel.

Father-daughter duo, Greg and Jacquie Ray, lead a qualified team of skilled consultants, each bringing their own unique experience and expertise to deliver the highest standard of strategic communication advice in Tasmania.

Timmins Ray is an independent, non-partisan consultancy and like all good PR operatives, you will seldom—if ever—find us in the spotlight. Our professionalism, specialist knowledge and unmatched experience means we can advise clients with confidence and strive to achieve for them the best possible outcomes, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked.

We pride ourselves on our considered, strategic approach—listening first and advising second— and relish the opportunity to work with clients to create a tailored PR experience that directly meets their needs.

Our specialist services include crisis and issues management, government relations, strategic communication, stakeholder auditing, stakeholder and community engagement, media relations and publicity, reputation management, as well as social media strategy and management.

What our clients think:

“The Timmins Ray charting system is a blueprint for knowing who you need to reach, for what purpose and with what message. It’s an excellent communication management tool.”

Damien White, CEO TasRail

“Their experience is a powerful benefit in deciding the best course of action for any particular situation. Just as we consider ourselves good at what we do – producing premium wine – they are outstanding at what they do.”

Julian Alcorso, Master Winemaker

“I was genuinely surprised by their ability to rapidly grasp the nuances of our business and to determine how to better promote our competitive advantage. It changed our thinking.”

Simon Mathews, CEO/Christian Schools Tasmania

“The opportunity to go back to our stakeholders and talk about what they told us and what we are doing about it, is remarkably positive for all concerned.”

Julian Alcorso, Master Winemaker

“The very fact we undertook the audit produced a positive response from stakeholders who were pleased to know they were being listened to.”

Steve Whiteley, CEO/Sustainable Timbers Tasmania

“The Timmins Ray Team work collaboratively, with passion, ideas, talents and skill.  They took time to understand what we wanted, helped us to clarify our objectives, developed creative and innovative strategies and have communicated in a language that we could easily understand. Importantly, they deliver when they say they will. As a fledgling company, we particularly appreciate the reliable and individualised service we have received.”

Helen Prochazka, Author of The Mathematics Book